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Yndi halda • Staghorn • Chancellors / Supersonic (Free entry)

Yndi halda • Staghorn • Chancellors / Supersonic (Free entry)

Lundi 6 mai / 20:00 - 23:30 @ SUPERSONIC

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(Post-rock – UK)

« A band who are clearly challenging themselves and the very conventions of post-rock…Powerful. » – Pitchfork

«Formed at age 16 by school friends James Vella, Jack Lambert, Oliver Newton, Daniel Neal and Brendan Grieve, fully-formed grand-scale classical pieces, yet silencing and humble as quiet folk confessionals and thunderous and stirring as the most thrilling modern indie, yndi halda are informed and inspired by what moves people, and translate that influence into something that sings intimately to its listener.
Originally from rural Kent, yndi are known for songs that simultaneously break and mend hearts, expansive orchestral indie-rock, breathtaking crescendos and gentle stillness, all indelibly permeated with the wide-eyed sweetness of youth.»

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(Post-rock – Urbana,USA)

«An instrumental three-piece outfit from St. Louis, Missouri debuts “Parousia I / Kismet II” – 30 minutes of euphonic introspection where global ethic and activism transcend the traditional parameters of music. Equally heavy in concept and musicality, “Parousia I / Kismet II” is the soundtrack to building a better world. Set within proverbial walls of sound a spoken word narrative concerning a final human settlement evokes images of dystopia, invoking moods both bleak and hopeful.»

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(Post-rock – Paris,FR)

«Chancellors est un groupe de rock/alternatif parisien qui voit le jour au cours de l’année 2013.
Après un EP enregistré l’année suivante et quelques dates parisiennes, le groupe décide de s’orienter vers un rock mélangeant le Post et le Math rock, en intégrant des passages atmosphériques et instrumentaux à leur musique.
Le groupe rentre en studio en janvier 2016 pour enregistrer leur premier album, avec aux manettes, Antony Josse (Headcharger).»

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Lundi 6 Mai 2019
Entrée gratuite

- Ouverture des portes à 18h30
- Début des concerts vers 20h
- Happy Hour de 18h30 à 20h (3€50 la pinte)
- Hot Dog au bar


9 rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris
Métro Bastille (sortie rue de lyon)
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