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EYM Trio invite Mirande

EYM Trio invite Mirande

Mardi 10 avril / 21:30 - 0:00 @ Sunset & Sunside

EYM Trio prépare son troisième album et fait venir en France la chanteuse Mirande Shah, véritable coup de cœur lors d’un concert à Bombay en 201

EYM Trio is about to record a 3rd album, inviting in France for the 1st time great singer Mirande Shah. They’ve met her in Mumbai last year, and falled in love with her unconventional way of singing (according to occidental people). A new repertoire of compositions, standing for a mix between EYM Trio’s modern jazz and indian classical colors. They were on tour in India many times during the two past years, here is the gift they bringing back for the french crowd. Live at « sunside » will be the only gig of the year for them in Paris.

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